There are lots of tools that compare two PostgreSQL databases.  Most are command line and the precious few that are UI based either cost too much money (from an independent developer’s perspective).  So like any persistent developer I decided to write my own and learn about Electron along the way.

I open sourced the tool so anyone can use it for free.  My intent is to provide the schema compare functionality for free forever.

The shell container for the application is my first foray into Electron which uses io.js and Chrome browser to power the desktop application.  The UI is presented as HTML and the HTML side of things is using AngularJS and Bootstrap to make the nifty UI. It’s a pretty cool concept and supports Linux / Mac OS X / Windows.  I will provide binaries as well in the near future.

Here is a link to the homepage.

And here is the link to the Github project site, please feel free to submit pull requests!

screen-01 screen-02 screen-03



I was not happy with the readability of the ‘Chicago Skyline’ themed BlogEngine frontend.  So I made a cleaner version which has better readability.  I am adjusting the font slightly and I am not quite satisfied with it yet.


This version is using the exact same AngularJS controller and the same jQuery cloud component I wrote for the last version.  So the only code changes were to the HTML a bit and some CSS fixes.


The controller code is quite simple as well.  The infinate scroll plugin takes care of requesting the data.