I was not happy with the readability of the ‘Chicago Skyline’ themed BlogEngine frontend.  So I made a cleaner version which has better readability.  I am adjusting the font slightly and I am not quite satisfied with it yet.


This version is using the exact same AngularJS controller and the same jQuery cloud component I wrote for the last version.  So the only code changes were to the HTML a bit and some CSS fixes.


The controller code is quite simple as well.  The infinate scroll plugin takes care of requesting the data.

Give it a try here: dsandor.github.io


It’s no secret that I use BlogEngine.net for my blog.  I have been too busy to rewrite the whole thing but I did have time to test out writing a WebApi to expose my blog data and buid out a tiny AngularJs version of my blog. 

Basically the HTML for the site becomes very small.  Angular provides all the data binding framework.  I even tested out building a jQuery component.

Next, I am going to build out a cleaner version with a more out of the box Bootstrap design and use Backbone for the data binding framework.  I am just working through which I like better so I am using my blog as the test bed.