Left-click context menu for WPF

I had to build a small configuration screen for an over-the-internet printing solution for Microsoft Dynamics Ax.  The application has an image that I want the user to click with either the left or right mouse button to open the context menu.  This menu allows the user to start or stop the print engine service.


Left or right clicking opens the context menu.


Here is the XAML for the Image with Context Menu.

Note: MVVM Commanding is not used here for simplicity of this post.

In this XAML snippet I named the Image and consumed the MouseLeftButtonUp event on the Image.  I also added the context menu to the Image control and named the ContextMenu.

The code behind looks like this:

In this code, PlacementTarget indicates the UIElement that the context menu will pop out from.  In this case we just use the Image element itself as passed in to the event handler via the sender argument.

Next, you simply set IsOpen to true and the context menu will be displayed over the PlacementTarget.

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