Solved: Cannot resolve TargetProperty (UIElement.RenderTransform).(CompositeTransform.TranslateY) on specified object.

I was using Blend 4 to do some simple animations then copy and pasting the storyboard for use on other objects in my application.  When I executed the Begin() method on the storyboard I would get the following:

Cannot resolve TargetProperty (UIElement.RenderTransform).(CompositeTransform.TranslateY) on specified object.

My XAML was pretty basic.  I finally noticed that Blend had populated the RenderTransform property for me on the working objects.  When I cut and pasted and updated the target object I failed to add the render transform.  Doing so fixes the problem:


Not working:

So if you get this message it is basically telling you that you are missing the RenderTransform property on the target object.

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