This is not my fix, but it works and I added pretty pictures 😀

Original Solution Thread

Step 1: Login to Outlook Web Client and click Options.


Step 2: Click Mobile Devices on the left menu.

Step 3: Choose your phone in the list on the right by clicking it and then click the Remove Device from List link.

This process was non-destructive and worked like a champ.  I could not get in to the options that were disabled by remote administrator and my phone still syncs with exchange.

I use these two snippets a lot for WPF and Silverlight development.  I decided to post them on the blog so that I have them available to me whenever and wherever.  I always seem to be searching through older projects for this code.


This snippet creates the ViewModelBase that I use almost everywhere.  It simply implements INotifyPropertyChanged and works in both WPF and Silverlight.  I use this for my ViewModels so that the properties on the VM are observable for databinding.  I use this in conjunction with my propsn snippet that creates a property with SafeNotify calls in the setter.


This snippet is used to create the ModelBase.  Again, this is a WPF / Silverlight compatible class.  I link my model such that it compiles for WPF and Silverlight so that I can share my model between my WCF and my UI.  This class gives me INotifyPropertyChanged, SafeNotify, and a ToString implementation that uses reflection to dump a shallow representation of the class.

Hope this code helps someone.